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10 Best Swimming Lessons/Schools in Ottawa

Best Swimming Lessons Schools in Ottawa

Ottawa has become a popular destination for those looking to explore aquatic sports, with many residents heading to some of the city’s best swimming lessons schools.

From beginner courses that get even the youngest of children acquainted with the water to more advanced classes that help experienced swimmers perfect their technique and learn new skills, the city’s schools have something for everyone.

With experienced instructors who emphasize safety while providing fun and interesting activities, swimming lessons schools in Ottawa offer an engaging way to learn this essential skill.

Many parents trust these institutions to provide a safe, supportive environment as their children grow in confidence and knowledge. Whether you’re just getting started or are already an avid swimmer, Ottawa’s best swimming lessons schools will give you the tools needed for success in the water.

How Much Do Swimming Lessons in Ottawa Cost?

Swimming lessons in Ottawa offer a range of prices to suit different budgets and individual needs. For example, private lessons typically cost between $200 and $300 a month, or around $50-$70 per single lesson. Semi-private classes have the advantage of being more affordable while still retaining the one-on-one teaching time; they cost around $300-$400 per month for a group of two students. Three to four students will pay around $30-$50 per person per lesson. Additionally, groups of six to ten pay an average of $20-$30 a lesson, making it easier for families and friends to find swim lessons together. For parents and babies especially, there are at-home pool lessons that can be arranged for approximately $75-$100 each session. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding the right swimming lessons for your budget in Ottawa.

10 Best Swimming Lessons/Schools in Ottawa

Looking for the best swimming lessons or schools in Ottawa? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top places to help you and your family improve your swimming skills. Whether you are a beginner, looking to brush up on your skills, or seeking competitive training, these locations will have something for you. Read on to find out more about the best swimming lessons and schools in Ottawa!

1. Kids Can Swim Canada

Kids Can Swim Canada in Ottawa is a fantastic swimming school, offering a range of swim classes suitable for all ages. Their skillset and features are impressive, with qualified instructors giving lessons to children as young as six months old. They teach the basics and beyond, focusing on strokes such as front crawl and backstroke, but also offering competitive swimmers the opportunity to brush up on their dives and turns.

Not only do they develop physical skills but also help children gain confidence in the water though fun activities and exercises. As classes are small, each student receives plenty of support and guidance from the instructors throughout their sessions, making Kids Can Swim Canada a great option for kids looking to improve their swimming skills or take their first plunge into the aquatic world.

2. Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Kanata

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Kanata in Ottawa is an excellent place to learn how to swim, especially for young children. Their skilled instructors teach many types of swimming, such as basic strokes, technique, and breath control. They even offer parent-and-tot classes where children as young as four months can learn the basics.

This school has numerous features to make learning a fun experience for kids. With its colorful play areas, personally tailored classes and more, it is no wonder that Aqua-Tots Swim School has become one of Ottawa’s most popular swimming schools for children.

Whether you are looking for beginner lessons or more advanced swimming styles, this swim school has something for everyone! It is the perfect place to start your child’s journey towards becoming an expert swimmer!

3. The Aqua Life Swim Academy

The Aqua Life Swim Academy, located in Ottawa, is a fantastic outlet to hone your swimming skills. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of swimming or an expert aiming for the next level, the academy offers classes tailored for everyone!

The swim school has knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors who provide effective guidance during its classes. Aqua Life also provides lessons that focus on swimming techniques such as freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. For those looking for something more challenging, there’s even options such as competitive techniques training, deep water courses and masters’ group training. It caters to people of all ages and abilities including adults, children and families making it great if one has family members with different needs – all can enjoy their time together while learning how to safely explore the aqua-world.

If you’re looking for fun and educational aquatic experiences this summer or beyond then look no further than The Aqua Life Swim Academy in Ottawa!

4. British Swim School of One80Five

British Swim School of One80Five in Ottawa is a wonderful place to learn how to swim! Not only do they teach all four swim types, namely front crawl, back stroke, butterfly, and breaststroke; but they also have special baby and toddler classes designed to help children as young as three-months start learning the basics.

For more advanced swimmers, teenage classes are available that focus on technique and endurance exercises. Highly qualified instructors at British Swim School guarantee safety standards with their ‘Small Classes, Big Results’ system that allows pupils to progress according to their individual abilities.

Their lessons are perfect for everyone from babies to adults and are suitable for all levels – whether someone is new to the pool or a competitive swimmer looking for additional training – making them an ideal solution for any age or skill set. With a range of convenient timings available, you can trust British Swim School of One80Five in Ottawa for top quality swimming lessons that promise maximum results!

5. British Swim School of Castleview

British Swim School of Castleview in Ottawa is an excellent place for all ages to learn crucial life-saving swimming skills. They offer a variety of Swim Types, from Parent & Child Classes (ages 6 months and older) to Adult and Infant swim classes, so everyone can benefit from their skill and expertise.

At British Swim School of Castleview in Ottawa, each lesson is tailored to the individual’s experience level, so that developing swimmers get the most out of their time in the water. All lessons are taught by certified instructors who emphasize water safety alongside progressive swim techniques. Not only does British Swim School of Castleview in Ottawa provide quality instruction for all ages, but also offer a safe and fun atmosphere where children always feel confident and secure during their lessons.

It’s the perfect swim school option for those looking to learn something new or build upon existing swim knowledge.

6. Hippo in the Bathtub Inc.

Hippo in the Bathtub Inc. is Ottawa’s premier swim school, offering professional swim instruction for all ages and ability levels. They are passionate about teaching water safety and swimming skills, as well as providing a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Their experienced instructors tailor each lesson to accommodate the individual needs of their students, and they offer small group classes to ensure no one gets left behind. What sets Hippo in the Bathtub apart from other schools is their comprehensive curriculum that covers traditional swimming strokes as well as more advanced techniques such as survival floating skills and lifesaving rescue drills.

Whether you are an adult who is new to swimming or a toddler just learning their first strokes, Hippo in the Bathtub can help you achieve your goals in the water.

7. Deborah Anne Kirwan Pool

The perfect place to learn how to swim in Ottawa is the Deborah Anne Kirwan Pool. Whether it’s freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly, the experienced instructors at the pool are dedicated to helping swimmers achieve their goals and build healthy lifestyles.

From children to seniors, everyone can enjoy all levels of instruction—from beginner classes, stroke development, and competition training all the way up to heated Masters’ programs. The pool is open seven days a week and includes a six-lane 25-meter instructional pool as well as a four-lane teaching/warm-up tank with ramp access. It also features a beautiful therapy pool with a variety of hydrotherapy jet features for rehabilitation purposes.

So if you’re looking for an excellent facility to help upgrade your swimming skills, the Deborah Anne Kirwan Pool is definitely worth considering!

8. Jack Purcell Community Centre and Pool

The Jack Purcell Community Centre and Pool in Ottawa is a great place for people of all ages to get involved with the swim community.

The centre offers recreational swim, AquaSport classes, aquatic fitness programs and learn-to-swim lessons. There is something for everyone; from those looking to take up swimming recreationally to competitive swimmers wanting to improve their skills. Parents can also rest assured knowing their children will be learning from the best – instructors are Red Cross certified, licensed lifeguards or trained aquatics staff.

Whether you’re a beginner or an avid participant, the Jack Purcell Community Centre & Pool has you covered. It’s great being part of such a vibrant aquatic community and we look forward to having you join us!

9. Dovercourt Recreation Centre

The Dovercourt Recreation Centre in Ottawa offers an incredible array of swimming lessons for everyone from small children to elite swimmers. They are the only swim centre in Ottawa located directly on the beautiful Rideau Canal, making it easy and fun to learn to swim indoors and out.

Their range of instructors are experts in teaching a variety of swimming styles, focusing on everything from basic strokes like front crawl and backstroke, to more advanced skills such as butterfly and diving. This makes them ideal for those wanting to dive deeper into the sport, or just hoping to gain greater confidence while enjoying the water.

Whether you’re preparing for competition or just learning to float and feel safe around water, Dovercourt will get you there safely and effectively. With group lessons available between September-May and private lessons year-round, this facility is perfect for everyone – whether looking for family fun or serious training.

10. Safe Swim Ottawa

Safe Swim Ottawa is a swimming school dedicated to providing specialized swim instruction across Ottawa. They offer a variety of lessons and classes, from private swim sessions and group classes for all ages, to adaptive swim lessons for children and adults with special needs.

At Safe Swim Ottawa, students learn more than just the basics of swimming – they will learn valuable skills that could save their lives, such as survival floating and how to identify dangerous environments in or around water. In addition to teaching safety techniques, lessons emphasize proper form and technique while encouraging restorative exercise in the natural environment.

From novice swimmers to national champions, anyone can join these classes! By offering expert instruction that is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals, Safe Swim Ottawa provides an opportunity for swimmers of all skill levels to take their aquatic ambitions to the next level.

Where can I swim in Ottawa?

For anyone looking to take a dip in the waters of Ottawa, there are plenty of options. Petrie Beach is known for its wide open grassy fields that extend to the soft sand along the beachfront, while Britannia Beach combines natural beauty with activities like volleyball and grills for barbecuing. Mooney’s Bay Beach offers a peaceful atmosphere as well as a beach cafe, and Westboro Beach features an abundance of trees that provide shade from the sun. Lifeguards can be found at each of these beaches during the swim season, so nothing will stand between you and a refreshing summer dip!


Swimming is an essential life skill that can benefit those of any age. Whether you are a new parent looking for programs to give your child a start in the water, or an adult interested in developing your swimming abilities, there are many swimming lessons in Ottawa that can accommodate your needs.

Taking into consideration price, quality of instruction and class scheduling, Kids Can Swim Canada, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Kanata, The Aqua Life Swim Academy and both British Swim School of One80Five and British Swim School of Castleview have proven to be some of the best swimming lessons schools in Ottawa.

Don’t forget to account for the potential discounts available before selecting a school for you or your family! No matter which school you decide on, everyone who takes part in the program benefits from access to equipment and tools dedicated to making learning an enjoyable activity as well as an invaluable skill.

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